Update on Current Market Conditions - January 25, 2019
2018's Christmas rally came late, with equity markets bottoming on Christmas Eve and subsequently sustaining a furious thirty day rally. Most of your equity holdings finished the year in rally mode and also reflect attractive gains here in January. 
We are in the middle of 4th quarter earnings season. This week, we have seen sizeable price rebounds from some members of the technology sector, which happened to lead the markets down last year. 
Next week will see earnings reports from notable equity names such as Apple, 3M, Caterpillar, and several semiconductor companies. With January's opening rally pushing equity prices up towards significant resistance, next week should tell us if we're going to have a breakout through that technical resistance, or if we pull back to test December's lows. 
We'll keep you posted. 
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Gary W. Wood, CFP®,
President, BDC Capital Management, Inc.


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